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Top 100 golf course Modry Las Golf Club & Resort in Poland

Located just outside Choszczno in the Western Pomeranian province in north-western Poland lies one of the 100 most beautiful courses in Europe, Modry Las Golf Club & Resort. A challenging 18-hole Championship Course and a surprising 9-hole Mini Championship course park course, founded in 2009. Golf journalist and culinary journalist Sonja van de Rhoer visited Modry Las for us and reports.

The Modry Las golf course was designed by legendary Gary Player and the Dutch-South African Theodoor Geertshuis as project manager. Since 1 August 2019, the course has been connected as PGA National Poland to the world's most beautiful golf courses such as PGA National Scotland in Gleneagles, PGA National Ireland Slieve Russell and many other famous golf courses.

Golf course and signature hole

In 2009, Modry Las was voted best Polish golf course. Moreover, hole 15 par 3 was given the title "Most spectacular hole". From the yellow tee it is 142 meters, from the red tee 106 meters to the middle green. Exit over the water, where the green is also protected by water on the left and a really deep pot bunker on the right, which you have to climb with a set of steps. Take a club more and go a little higher.
Hole 2, par 5 with stroke index 1 does not make it really easy for the golfer, rolling fairway, with the 3rd stroke a long stroke across the water to the higher green. Hole 4 and 7 I also found absolutely challenging holes.
I think the second 9 are easier to play, although they are certainly no less beautiful. The fairways are well maintained, the greens are difficult to describe but keep well.
And…. it's a Gary Player job .... 73 bunkers!

The small par 3 golf course Orly Las is beautiful with intimate holes, absolutely no pitch and putt, but a fully challenging short course that can be run well in an hour. Very nice for both high and low hcp er.

photo code | 7376 | middle

What makes this course so special?

The course is challenging, wide with beautiful water features, both along the fairway, but also in critical places after the turn (no driver so think about which club you will stay in front of the water) ). High-low fairways, sloping, higher greens that must be played with policy. For each his own.
But the really special is the environment. Modry Las is located in a beautiful nature reserve, you walk along the two lakes of Radun (where you can just swim in) and through pine and birch forests. The rough consists of wild flowers and (edible) mushrooms, nothing is planted next to the fairways, everything is pure nature. The silence here is deafening, you do not hear any traffic, there is no highway running to Choszczno, just an ordinary provincial road where you certainly cannot and cannot drive fast. The only sound comes from the birds or a deer or wild boar that just runs away through the tall grass.

Origin of the job

Artur Gromadzki, president of Modry Las, bought the land where the job is now constructed in 1990, after the fall of the Berlin wall. The country where he was born and grew up. His parents lost everything before the fall. Arthur's mother advised her son and indicated that the only thing that retains its value, even in times of crisis, is land / land. Artur was working in Switzerland at the time and had a job in his native Poland. He fell in love with his native region again and decided to buy a piece of land here. The fact that it was a bit more - 70 hectares - was no problem when the idea was put forward to construct a golf course. However, 50 hectares had to be bought quickly, at a four-fold price. Modry Las was thus realized together with Gary Player. The course still "ripens", a well-known feature of Player's beautiful design.

Traveling to Modry Las.

There are various options for traveling to Modry Las Golf Club & Resort. Fly to Berlin, rent a car and drive to the resort in 2.5 hours. Or visit Berlin for a few days by car from the Netherlands, then head towards Gdansk, visit the old town, play golf in the area, then drive to Modry Las and book an all inn package here (11 hotel rooms, 6 garden suites, and cottages) with golf and enjoy the golf game, the tranquility, the surroundings and the excellent cuisine of the restaurant and possibly drive to Krakow for culture and golf (Konopiska on Rosa Privas) in the area.

Modry Las Golf Club Poland
Mickiewicza 20
73-200 Choszczno
Tel: +48 667 710 410
Fax: +48 667 710 510